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HVAC Marketing Checklist - Resources

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Here’s a handy HVAC Marketing Checklist for HVAC companies to help grow business. Print it out and keep it near your computer so your marketing stays top of mind daily. You should always be marketing even if the economy takes a downturn. Why? Your competitors will likely cut down on their marketing budgets. But if you remain COOL, your business will continue to be HOT with future customers.

HVAC Marketing Checklist: Answer these questions. Better yet: have a discussion with your entire team. When your whole company is involved with defining these important marketing answers, then you’ll all be headed in the same direction every day.

  1. Who is your target audience? Define in detail. List gender, locations, age range, annual income. Residential or Commerce?) Example: Mary Smith is the wife and the husband is at work. She is working remotely and has two young children at school. Our friendly and knowledgeable NATE Certified Tech text messages her ahead of his arrival and then arrives like a hero to save the day. That’s how she feels. But he is very helpful, not egotistical or patronizing. He educates Mrs. Smith about the condition of her equipment, offers her good, better, best choices and closes the sale. He makes sure she’s happy before he leaves and then asks for a 5-star review, using our text messaged link.
  2. Where do your customers hang out? Do they use Facebook or Instagram or both? What other social media do they use? If your company is consistently found there, then you can grow a following with your target audience — if your content theme is appealing, educational and provides value. Your social media should be about providing value 80% of the time. Use the remaining 20% to self-promote with offers and coupons.
  3. Who is your competition? List them. Go to Google and research where they rank with keywords. How many 5-star reviews do they have? Are they responding to their reviews, good and bad? How do they respond to bad reviews? These are opportunities for YOUR company to beat out the competition or step up your marketing with SEO.
  4. What makes you different? Every company has a Unique Value Proposition: UVP. Your company, your team does something different or several things different that sets you apart from other HVAC companies. What is it? Do more of that. It could be that you always have a customer support team member follow up with a phone call to your customers within 48 hours to make sure all is well; and again in two weeks.
  5. What value do you bring to customers? The value could be that many different things. It could be that you offer them your HVAC Care Club membership. When they join, they get discounts not released to the general public. Perhaps you share helpful tips in short videos on your YouTube channel and in your social media that your customers can follow and learn from. Ask your team for ideas.

Print This HVAC Marketing Checklist

This is just a little bit of what you and your team can work on to keep growing business. If you’d like us to manage your marketing for you, we’d love to schedule a discovery call and then follow up with a complimentary and detailed (but no obligation) strategy session.

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