Do you want your HVAC company to be found right away by your customers? Discover the reasons why doing PPC for HVAC companies is important.


Benefits of Google Ads & Other PPC Advertising:

  • Faster Results While Your SEO Begins To Grow

  • Target Cities

  • Target Hundreds of Keywords

  • Target Your Competitors: when searchers search for big names, they’ll see your ads.

  • Target “Intent”: Google Ads can be focused to target the searchers who are expressing searches for specific services during a window of time. These people are NOT “tire-kickers” but serious about deciding which manufacturing company to use.

  • Maximize the type of bidding you can do: CPA (conversions); CPC (website traffic); CPM (impressions/views of ads).

  • Schedule ads to appear at any time or day you want them to so you maximize budget.

How we do HVAC PPC marketing

Digital HVAC Marketing Agency is focused on HVAC Contractors. We connect the gap between marketing and HVAC companies. We understand marketing as much as we understand HVAC businesses and we use this knowledge to make customized marketing strategies for our customers. PPC Marketing for HVAC is one of our many marketing services. We employ different tactics in our PPC marketing strategy to communicate with your customers. Here’s what we did for our client: HVAC Marketing Case Study

Start your HVAC PPC services with us

At Digital HVAC Marketing Agency, our main goal is to create an Omnipresence Marketing Strategy tailored for your HVAC company. This means that potential customers find your company everywhere they turn: in Google searches; review sites; in Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Google Ads and YouTube.

A Big Reason for Omnipresence: 

Forrester Research studied how consumers behaved during the pandemic shutdown: The Number Of Buying Interactions Jumped By 10

Although the number of buying interactions has been increasing slightly every two years (e.g., from 16 to 17 between 2017 and 2019), the number of buying interactions during the pandemic jumped from 17 to 27! The number of buying interactions reflects one individual’s buying journey to obtain information about competing offerings or providers. In the total number, we include self-guided interactions (mostly done by research via the internet) and personal interactions, which refer to a conversation with a person, from either a provider company or third party. Almost all of these conversations took place virtually last year.

-Source:  https://go.forrester.com/blogs/three-seismic-shifts-in-buying-behavior-from-forresters-2021-b2b-buying-survey/


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