HVAC Marketing Case Study

Our clients grow business by 50% to 150% or more after choosing to work with us. Read this HVAC Marketing case study.

The Challenge

HVAC Marketing Case Study. Revenue grew 80%; our client added on 2 more technicians; 4 more installers: from our HVAC marketing services. Around three years ago, McCormick Heating and Cooling didn’t have a steady stream of bookings and customers. They were virtually invisible when it came to being found online. They were extremely frustrated by constantly seeing their competitors at the top of Google’s search results while their company was nowhere to be found. While McCormick Heating and Cooling had successfully run a business for more than 15 years at that point in time, they realized that the old ways of advertising their business were no longer working. And that was costing them thousands of dollars in potential revenue.

That’s when they decided that it was time to seek the assistance of an HVAC marketing agency that could help them stand out from their competitors online. With a thorough search online for HVAC digital marketing agencies and “local SEO”, they found DaGama Digital Marketing (aka DaGama Web Studio). 

Keep reading to learn how we more than doubled net new customer revenue; increased organic search traffic by 80% using our SEO and Google Paid Ad services. McCormick Heating and Cooling added more trucks to their fleet, and doubled their staff.

Comprehensive Approach

We take a comprehensive approach to HVAC marketing that focuses on HVAC SEO best practices, great website design, Google My Business and Bing; some PPC and social media marketing. This allows our clients to rank higher EVERYWHERE with more Google searches, converting more customers in the process.


Increasing organic traffic is one of the best ways to scale your business without having to rely on extensive ad budgets. To generate real human interaction, not bots, you need to rely on an HVAC marketing agency that can help you achieve your goals. Real people visiting your website equals real conversions that are sustainable for your business.

By optimizing keywords relating to HVAC marketing, and completely redoing the homepage of McCormick Heating and Cooling’s website; we were able to lower the bounce rate, getting more people to stay and explore and call or schedule an appointment with the forms. The first year of working together resulted in more than 134 service requests compared to the previous year that yielded only 60 service requests. Just imagine how this could affect your business in terms of revenue generated.  


To be found online and rank high on Google’s search engine, it is essential to tailor your content for HVAC toward the keywords that searchers are looking for. It also is important to have a website that creates value for your users in terms of helpful HVAC blog posts and clear calls to action for users to convert.

When we first started working with McCormick Heating and Cooling, they had a poor online presence. Like many local businesses, they were practically invisible unless you knew their company name. DaGama Digital Marketing was able to help them increase their ranking by choosing the right digital marketing strategies and it began with having HVAC specific keywords. Then we had our professional photographer do a photo shoot of the team so we could have photos of the nice, talented folks who actually work there instead of stock imagery on their website. Next, we redesigned their homepage to create a better experience for users coming to their website to book appointments or find out other important details. We also added a contact us page to allow users to book easily. This made it easier and more convenient for folks to book from their website. We did other strategic things to their site that increased organic traffic and continue to do those things.


One factor that contributed to the tremendous amount of success that McCormick Heating and Cooling had with their HVAC digital marketing strategy was the total overhaul of their website homepage. Before the rebranding of their website, McCormick Heating and Cooling had no pictures of the team members that worked there, no photos to entice visitors to stay on their homepage, and no relevant information to allow potential customers to make an informed decision. By adding authentic photos of their team members, relevant, high-quality photos to their homepage, and great HVAC SEO friendly content; we helped them establish a credible brand that Google loves. If you’re not already doing this on your website, you really should. The credibility factor weighs heavily with consumers and by showing your team in photos (and videos), you’re creating trust right away.


When McCormick Heating and Cooling started partnering with DaGama Digital Marketing they had four trucks. After nearly three years of working with us, McCormick Heating and Cooling has eight trucks; hired two more technicians and four more installers; and is doubled their annual revenue. They have expanded to two physical office locations. Not to mention, they have 248 5-star reviews in Google for their excellent service throughout our partnership. They already had and still do have outstanding customer service with very, very skilled and certified techs. We merely helped them shine a lot on that with a review process. We look forward to continuing to help them succeed with their business and digital marketing strategies.

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